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We've been getting a lot of spam comments today at, and I mean A LOT. We've disabled the ability to post comments to the site for now, but hope that some day soon that comments can be safely turned back on. (In the meantime, don't forget to periodically check the Cranium Comics and Hurm sites for other projects and news from Anthony and Keith.)

Interview with Keith Quinn - Part-Time Comics

Anthony Rezendes of Cranium Comics recently interviewed Keith Quinn about their joint endeavor, the Part-Time Comics podcast. Go to to get the inside scoop on the origins, goals, and future of the Part-Time Comics project.

Anthony and Keith chat with Jason Neulander, producer and director of The Intergalactic Nemesis (

022 - Interview with Jeff Bent - Part-Time Comics

Keith and Anthony chat with Jeff Bent, a fellow part-time comics creator.

Anthony and Keith chat with Jason Henderson, writer of Alex Van Helsing, IDW's "Sword of Dracula," and Marvel's new comic, "Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow."

020 - Interview with Dan Price - Part-Time Comics

Anthony and Keith chat with Dan Price, creator of Latex Avenger.

019 - Staple Aftermath - Part-Time Comics

Anthony and Keith talk about their successes and failures from Staple 2010, chat about their experiences from the Dragon's Lair "Indie Comic Day," reflect on the lessons learned from past podcasts, and gaze into their futures as part-time comics creators.

018 - Countdown to Staple 2010 - Part-Time Comics

Anthony and Keith make last-minute preparations for the Staple! independent media expo in Austin, Texas. Also, they chat about past lessons and their goals for this year's Staple!.

017 - Who Does Which Work? - Part-Time Comics

For those who create comics part-time, Anthony and Keith make the call on which is more important: "reputation" or "personal branding."

016 - Repurposing Your Content - Part-Time Comics

Flyers, iPod/iPad, print versions of webcomics. . . Anthony and Keith talk about ways they repurpose their comics.