016 - Repurposing Your Content


Flyers, iPod/iPad, print versions of webcomics. . . Anthony and Keith talk about ways they repurpose their comics.

Before getting into other alternatives, Keith pointed out that the comic model of turning webcomics into collected print volumes is a very common repurposing technique.

Keith talked about the new flyer he will be using at Staple, which includes the first three strips of his upcoming storyline for Local Heroes. He mentioned fitting two flyers on one 8.5x11 sheet and then cutting the sheets in half. This will conserve paper while still keeping the sample strips at a reasonable size.

Later on in the conversation, Anthony summarized his thoughts for collecting the Part-Time Comics podcasts into one CD or DVD volume. The collection would be sold at Staple and other conventions, as well as through our respective online stores.

Wrapping up the chat, Anthony and Keith discussed the recently-announced iPad, how it fits into the world of hand-helds and peripherals, and how comics can take full advantage of all the iPad has to offer. Also, they wondered about possible similar products, such as any that might use Google's Android system.

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