019 - Staple Aftermath


Anthony and Keith talk about their successes and failures from Staple 2010, chat about their experiences from the Dragon's Lair "Indie Comic Day," reflect on the lessons learned from past podcasts, and gaze into their futures as part-time comics creators.

Keith's sales experiences in the most recent Staple expo were about the same as previous years, while Anthony did slightly better than previous years.

At Dragon's Lair, Anthony and Keith learned interesting tidbits that will help how they create comics, both during the Indie Comic Day panel and afterward.

For both Part-Time Comics creators, their web stats seemed to not rise significantly due to the Staple or Dragon's Lair events.

While wrapping up the Part-Time Comics podcast series, Anthony and Keith shared their long-term comics goals. In short, Anthony will strive to improve his production process while Keith will complete several comics partly in the works and begin working on new creations.

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