022 - Interview with Jeff Bent


Keith and Anthony chat with Jeff Bent, a fellow part-time comics creator.

Jeff started off the chat by talking about his background and comics interests. He's created several mini-comics and the like in the past, and is working on a new comic that should be announced officially later this year. All of his artwork is hand-drawn, and future comics will most likely be computer colored and lettered. The new comic will be told over time as a type of webcomic, telling the lighthearted story of a man who seeks out parallel versions of himself only to learn that he can be his own worst enemy.

Jeff has been to Staple!, APE, and some other cons. Staple! seemed to work out best for him. Everyone had theories as to why.

Jeff has participated in several social art endeavors, including the Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge, 24 Hour Comics Day, and a "30 Days" art project. For the latter, Jeff's theme was 30 Dead Astronauts. He said projects such as these help with motivation and improving one's ability to stick to schedules.

Jeff's work can be found online at www.sporecloud.com and on Flickr at www.flickr.com/photos/sporecloud.

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